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Toby Animal Squeaking Toy

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Toby Animal Squeaking Toy

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Many behavioural problems in dogs are the result of boredom or excess energy. Toys offer mental and physical stimulation and enrichment. Directing your dog's energy into play with toys can prevent or help resolve such problems as digging and chewing on furniture, shoes or shrubbery.

The Plush Animal Squeaking Toy is an interactive toy designed to engage your dog in play. The squeaking sound it produces keeps your dog interested, active and entertained. 

Since it is made from environmentally friendly materials and extremely durable. It is a fun toy your dog can play with for hours on end.

Key Benefits

  • Made from safe, non-toxic, durable and soft materials.
  • When pressing the plush toy, it squeaks.
  • Extremely fun toy to keep your dog entertained.
  • Durable and can withstand intense chewing.
  • Bright and fun colours. 

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